Volvo didn't fair well when backed over by garbage truck.

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Truck hit high destroying hood and right fender. Rolled inner fender out too. Strut tower is fine.

Brand new radiator and A/C condenser destroyed.

Headlight and corner lights.


Here you can see how far outboard the outer fender and inner fender were pushed.

Car was spun around and back wheel of truck stopped against left wheel. In all likelihood the strut is bent. Camber appears out.

 12/6/06 (3 hours)

Work begins. The exterior sheet metal was all removed and discarded.

None of the frame extensions where the bumper mounts was damaged. That the good news as this means no frame damage. However, the inner fenders on both sides are damaged enough that both will have to be cut off and replaced. There are about 35 spot welds on each side and this will take about 3 hours each to remove.

12/11/06 (16 hours)

The damaged inner fender has been all cut out behind the damage and the spot welds all ground flush.

Same on the drivers side. Both sides are ready for brand new inner fenders.

12/18/06 (16 hours)

Made good progress this weekend. All the new exterior sheet metal was hung on the car Friday night and the supporting inner structures positioned and tack welded in. Then the exterior sheet metal was removed and all the structure was completely welded in place. The next three pictures show the inner fenders all welded io and the Dupont Imron sprayed, making everything black again.

  Passenger's side inner fender.

Passenger's side hood latch support and headlight bucket below it.

Driver's side inner fender.


Cutting in the color on the inside of the hood.

And fenders.....


Lots of progress of the weekend before Christmas. Fenders and hood hung on car and aligned perfectly. Then it's primer surfacer work to the hood and a few places on the fenders. Especially where the old pin stripes used to be.

Same for the drivers side.

A view from the front.

She's about done now. Still have a few pieces of trim to put on, repair the ABS brake system, and complete the A/C system. Looks a lot better than a few weeks ago!