Plumbing the new castings in on the 5HP Stickney

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I had finished machining the fuel pump parts a while back and all that was left was to plumb in the fuel system. You may recall the experiments with making new fittings look old. I think the elbows match the engine patina pretty decent.

Here the fuel line has been plumbed from the mixer down and then back towards the fuel pump.

And a couple of elbows up and into the fuel pump outlet. The lever and fuel pump are new castings.

The 45 fitting is the return fuel. It simply circulates fuel back to the suction side. I've not done much pipe fitting in black iron, so making short nipples like these was a bit of a challenge. I started on this Saturday morning and it took me 'till mid-afternoon to complete.

Here is a close up of the new site gage cage casting. You can just see the 1" pipe inside and the small 1/4" holes the fuel flows over and into the site glass.

On top of the water hopper is one of the new castings. This funnel is unique to fuel pumper models.

A view looking down on the new fuel pump, priming lever, and cam. The high humidity this winter is already starting the rusting process I'm after.

And another view of the same parts.

I really didn't know what to do with the old gas tank and hopper topper, so temporarily I've decided to just use them for a fuel tank. Kind of unusual looking!

Saturday evening I put gasoline in the tank, primed the pump, and ran her for about 30 minutes on the fuel pump. Life is good!!!

Another engine ready for show season.