New house in the snow

On Jan 29th and 30th we had a major snow storm which dumped about 6" of snow on this part of NC. It provided a nice opportunity to take some photos of the new place in the snow.

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Looking left out the picture window.

Looking straight out the picture window over the pond.

and to the right of the pond.

Looking west toward the gazebo and Azalea bushes.

Looking back at the house from the flat area at the pond.

The same.

The snow bird all bundled up to stay warm.

View from the cul-de-sac.

From across the pond standing on the dam.


Missy on the dock.

Won't be paddling the boat today!

The gazebo that overlooks the pond.

Looking east across the yard.

View of our place coming into the neighborhood.

One of the views out the bedroom window.

View out the breakfast nook, looking west.

View from the kitchen sink.

It'll likely be a long time before another snow even of this magnitude happens here again. Was nice it happened our first winter in the new place.