Rod Clevis on end of fuel sucker rod

This was the simplest of the patterns and probably why I saved it for last. This was about a day project.

Click on the small thumbnails to see a full size image.

Here is the original rod clevis mounted on the sucker rod for the fuel pump.

On the right is a 8 x 8 board with Freeman locators in the corners. Two identical wooden patterns were made, cut in half, and sanded to the correct thickness. The halves were held together and 3/16 dowel rod holes drilled to locate.

Here the parts are mounted on board.

The gate has been added. This side would be down when pouring and the shape creates a "strainer" to catch any heavy crud that is not good metal. Metals flows up the ramp and into the cavity.

And the riser of sorts has been added directly over the gate below. It just has to be taller than the part height.

This is ready to ship to the foundry.