Fuel pump priming lever

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This is the fuel pump priming lever. Copies could have been made off of this part, but I had borrowed the parts and needed to return them before the foundry could get to casting them. It really was a fairly quick pattern to make.

Another view of the original part....

Once a drawing of the part was made the turned pieces were done in an evening on the lathe. The arch and the roller clevis (on left) were traced on blocks of wood and cut out on a small band saw. A little sanding and file work and they were ready. Note the holes in the round pieces

Due to the complexity of the shape it seemed like the best way to put this together accurately was to build an assembly fixture. The dowels are to locate the round pieces.

Here the roller clevis has been positioned, dowelled and glued.

The arch between the bosses has been dowelled and glued,

and finally the handle attached.

A little body filler to smooth the transitions and make the radiuses.

Notice the largest round boss has been made longer. This is to make the first step of machining easier. The part can be set flat on the Bridgeport and clamped, to machine all the flats on top. This eliminates having to use block/shims to set the part up for machining.

Here it has been primed and the numbers added. It is ready for the foundry.