Old threshing and plowing days at Mike Burn's 2004

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Early morning view from the tractor and threshing area towards the home and horse riding area.

The new tractor

A close up of Mike's latest completion a 30-45 Titan twin cylinder.

Some of the signatures added thru the years to the tray cooler on the 30-45.

Missy beside the 30-45. The drive wheels are 6' tall!

Missy says she is ready to drive! Better eat your Wheeties 'cause that steering wheel is a beast to turn....

The 30-45 off to the plowing field to be worked a little.

The threshing set up

Ernest and Norman Durham unloading their IHC hay bale machine which will be used hard today.

The threshing setup with Titan tractor belted to a Emerson Brantingham (Geiser design) thresher.

The EB thresher before we had begun threshing. The wind hadn't started yet.

Close ups of art work.

Threshing later in the day....

Plowing with the 30-45....the only tractor that would pull the plow!

The big Titan 30-45 has been hooked to a 4 bottom P&O plow brought down from PA for the event. Each plow is independent in that it can be raised or lowered as needed. Each notch is 1/2" of plow depth. The knobbed rollers on the front provide the power for the cams that pull the plows up at the end of the row.

The P&O plow is not a grassy sod busting plow and plowing was hampered by accumulation of grass between the plow and disc. Much time was spent shoveling the grass out at the beginning of each row. The furrows were easily a foot deep! The twin cylinder Titan is a hit and miss, but pulling up this hill with 4 plows buried, made her bark every cycle! Though rated for a 6 bottom plow, in this virgin soil she was flat out with the 4 plows. Now that's some stack music!

More plowing.

Threshing despite the wind!

Threshing about to start, despite the wind.

As you can see we had a pretty good pile of winter wheat to thresh.

View of the threshing setup.

Mike gets the threshing started. Notice the wind picking the hay up in the top left corner of the picture. It's supposed to fall over and onto the conveyor. That meant a LOT of raking to get the threshed hay over to the baler. I got to feed about half the wheat into the thresher in the afternoon and Missy raked the hay over to the baler. Needless to say we were covered in chaff and itched all the way home! Fun! Pure fun!

This gives a little more perspective of what the wind was doing. Hay is supposed to drop off the end of the conveyor to be conveniently beside the baler. That pile in front of the thresher is where it would up!

Ernest Durham on the left and brother Norm on the right turns his head against the wind. Heavy winds like this are very unusual in the Carolinas.

A look at the rest of the IHC engines and tractors on display....

A view looking down the row of engines and tractors Mike had on display.

Missy standing beside a very nice Mogul.

Famous tray cooled.

Mogul thermosiphon cooled.

Famous screen cooled. Note original pin striping at back of cylinder and on base!

Famous tank cooled with hot tube! Mike is still working on the hot tube parts so at this point it is running on battery and coil.

Titan friction drive. This is s/n # 1 tractor for IHC!

Mogul tractor.

Same Mogul out in the field.

The friction drive being driven by one of the attendees.

That's all the pictures I was able to take. The cold weather affected the batteries on my camera and I was lucky to get these pictures. Hope you've enjoyed them and do consider joining in the fun next year.