Carroll Jamieson lathe

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Very dirty and stuck lathe!

The carriage would not move.

Headstock would not rotate and none of the gears would turn. Everything gummed up with stiffened grease and dirt dauber nests.

Line shaft parts. Saved but not going to use yet.

The great cleanup!

Every part was stripped off the lathe, disassembled, cleaned, repaired and reinstalled.

The carriage cleaned and reinstalled.

The head stock cleaned and reinstalled.

Making it turn without a line shaft.

Rather than hang a line shaft, I made a bolt on frame to hold this 3HP electric motor. The 3 phase motor is driven with a 5HP inverter. This gives infinite speed adjustment. The flat belt is actually a Microvee belt by Gates. It is pulley'd to turn the spindle 1000 rpm's at full speed.

Last night I chucked up a piece of heavy wall tubing and gave it a whirl. The flat belt system pulled great with no slippage. I have not leveled the lathe yet, but in this cut about a foot long. it was straight within in .004. Not too shabby for a really old lathe. My plan is to mainly use this lathe for pattern making, and this ought to be plenty fine for that purpose.

It's not an engine, but it's another piece of old iron brought back to life!