New house

On Nov 23th, 2009 we closed on a new home just west of Dallas, NC. We have been in our existing house for 20 years and are ready for a change. This 17+ acres with house and pond came on the market and we just couldn't resist the beauty of it. It'll certainly be a lot of work compared to the single acre we're on now, but we're always up for a challenge! The property runs all the way to the top of Pasour Mountain, which you'll see in the background, so there will be lots of woods to hike and hunt in.

Nov 6th the foliage was at peak and I snapped a few photos while there with the survey crew. It's certainly a photographic setting!

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Shop moving day

Snow 2010 1st

Flowers and puppy on 4/15/2010

Christmas Day snow of 2010

Projects around the house requiring attention

This view was one of the driving factors in our decision to buy this house. Hard to find this in the Piedmont.

Standing very close to the picture window.

Standing at the house in the yard looking out over the pond.

At the bottom of the yard looking over the pond. The pond is about 12' at the deepest part.

Turning around and looking back at the house from the dock.

From the far side of the pond looking back at the house.

A little closer view of the house.

A flat area on the north edge of the pond that I think would make an excellent area for a small engine show.

This view from the cul-de-sac in the neighborhood.