Shop moving day 2/3/10

After having worked steady every night for the last month moving items in the old shop to the new shop, I was down to the large items. At this point I was faced with having to rent a forklift or pay riggers to do the job. Given what forklift rentals cost and the number of weekends it would have consumed, it worked out better to just hire the work out. Rosdahl Rigging has moved plant machinery for me for 20 years, so they were the only folks I would trust for this. There were 6 of us working on Wednesday and we worked a solid 9 hour day loading, transporting, and unloading the shop equipment. It feel great to have this portion of the move done. Here are a few pictures as we worked.

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The 1969 MGB-GT rolling for the first time in many years. How many folks still have their first car?

Loading the cabinet blast equipment.

The first compressor awaits loading.

The old shop is starting to look mighty empty with the lone compressor in the back.

A trailer full....In all we filled 3 trailers.

The first load at the new neighborhood. The house in the background is the previous owner's new house, which she built next door to us. She's probably wondering what the hell moved in about now, as this looks a bit like Sanford and Son!

The old lathe and Jaguar and MG engines.

Farm implements.....

Here is the stuff I've been moving for the last month. These are the finished and painted body panels for the MG. Jaguar doors on the left.

The two right sections of shelves are MG parts, and the two left sections are Willys parts.

Shop tools, nuts, bolts, tools, etc. These are new sections of shelves bought to help organize all the stuff. A welcome change.

The baghouse is on the left and the blast cabinet on the right. None of the cyclone, accumulator, or pressure pot is in place yet.

The smaller pedestal equipment moved in the last month.

The MG and Jag engines safely in their new home.

There are 5 windows in the shop looking out over the pond. Decided to set the lathe in front of one of them. It'll be tough to do lathe work in these conditions :-)

Even the air compressors will enjoy a nice view now.

Now begins the fun of running conduit, pulling wire, and running air lines. It's all going to take a while.....