Air conditioning for the shop

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Even though the shop is in the basement and partially underground, it still would be nice to have a way to cool and dry the shop air on the hottest days. The entire house is fitted with casement windows making use of the window AC unit bought two years ago for the old shop and real challenge to fit. Thought about selling the window unit and installing central AC downstairs but ended up doing this instead.

Using some 1 x 1 x .069 wall square steel tubing, a frame was made to fit nicely into the inside of the casement window frame. A lower horizontal frame was added to hold the window AC unit.

Then some legs and casters were added to make moving into and out of the window easier.

This unit was built and install summer 2011. Didn't like how it performed, so a new method was devised to hold the AC unit in the window, but outside the window, rather than inside the window.

Entire casement window was removed for the summer. A new frame was made to support the entire AC unit outside the window frame. AC unit is now flush with window frame.

A double pane glass was ordered and installed to fill the space between the top of the AC unit and the rest of the window frame.


View from outside. About the best I could make a window AC unit look.