Kitchen cabinet addition October 2011

Previous owner had used a non functioning trash compactor for trash can. Door was stiff to open and the unit was pretty old and a tad ugly. Decided to remove and make cabinet door with slide mechanism to house trash can.

Old trash compactor removed and everything cleaned up, ready to build new section of cabinet in place.


First of wooden pieces cut and installed. These bits will support the floor being added next.


All done! New doors proved challenging to make. The special molding the mitered doors were made from could not be found, so a rotary knife had to be made, and 1 x 4 boards were made into matching molding. A lot of work, but this is a lot nicer look than the old compactor.


From a different angle.


Door glides out very smoothly. All the brackets were fabricated and welded downstairs in the shop and then painted in white Dupont Imron for durability. A lot of work for a simple thing like a trash can, but it really helped the look of the kitchen.