12/25/2010 Photos

First white Christmas since the 40's according to the locals. It started snowing about 2:00 in the afternoon and snowed all night. These were taken on the following day. The "puppy" experienced his first snow event and had a blast in the snow. He's definitely acclimated to the cold weather!

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This was taken early Christmas morning, showing no hint of the snow that was to come.

From the living room.

From the picture window.

Also from the living room.

The dog's pen up on the hill behind the house.

The "puppy", a year old now, enjoyed his first snow.

This was taken out my basement shop window.

Several hours later, the snow had Kevin's feet pretty heavy. I call it Brussels Sprout foot!

A face only a mother.....actually it's pretty cute.

From the pond area looking up the mountain.

The next four look like Ansel Adams photos!


The bridge at the upper pond

The gazebo stands out well in the snow.