Wire replacement on west side of house to light pole, April 2011

Failed wires in the ground to the west side of the house rendered the post light on the west hill and power at the dock not working. Wires were buried in EMT conduit making break detection impossible as the entire EMT conduit acted like an antenna with sounding equipment. With the conduit located a potato plow was put on the tractor and the dirt rolled off the conduit. Then the conduit and old wire were removed.

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The potato plow was used to skim the dirt off the top of the existing conduit. Here the old conduit and wire have been removed. Once uncovered it was painfully apparent why the wires failed. There were no couplings between the pieces of EMT. Rocks, vehicles, tree roots, and general movement of the ground allowed the EMT ends to shift, eventually cutting the wires within and creating the short circuit.

The conduit was dug out by hand in the white rock area next to the driveway.

Once the EMT was out, the potato plow was run in the ditch again, making the ditch a little deeper.

The white rock was dug out next to the house uncovering this make up box where several electrical feeds exit the house. Most of this serves the sewer pumping system. A hole was drilled in the side of the box and the new plastic conduit formed and installed into it.

The new conduit has been fed under the sidewalk and runs along the walk.

New conduit has been laid in the ditch....

more conduit in ditch moving toward the light pole.

At the end of the ditch is the light pole. In the foreground you can see one of the make up boxes installed every 50' of so. If the wires ever go bad again, it'll be easier to identify where and simplify pulling new wires in with the boxes. Sketched with measurements, triangulating each box's location were made.

Now it's just a matter of filling the ditch back in and seeding the yard to complete it.

Not related to the conduit & wiring project, but since I was over here taking photos, here is Missy's hard work on the flower bed next to the carport. She's done well with the Knockout roses.