Conduit and air line run from east of house to bridge May/June 2011

More failed wires in the ground to the east of the house rendered the lights along the driveway not operable from the house and the gate could not be controlled remotely from the house. All wires were direct buried so there was little hope of digging them to find a break. Decided to just run 1 1/4" conduit with boxes along the way. Any wires that fail in the future can simply be pulled out and new ones pulled in.

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A lot of hand digging around the steps was done making trenches that conduit and air lines could be run in.

While all was open I decided to move a large wire that was above ground to underground, getting rid of an eyesore.

You can see the old hole at the top where this wire used to go thru the wall. It was above ground level and looked terrible. A new hole below grade was drilled and the wire was run thru this. Liberal silicone caulking was used to make waterproof.

The newly installed conduit runs in the bottom of the trench and turns here running up along the steps.

An LB box to make the transition to the conduit running under the steps/sidewalk.

A steel bullet was turned in the lathe to fit snugly in the end of the conduit. A steel cap was also turned to fit in the other end. The 6 foot piece of conduit was driven by sledge hammer under the walk. The steel pieces were removed and the LB and coupler glued on each end. From this box the long run of conduit along the driveway will begin shortly.

Same from other side. On the T make up box, you can see a short stub of 1/2" conduit. This is for future use in case the direct bury wire feeding the post lamp ever goes bad.

At the same time the 1" air line is being buried along with the conduit. Eventually the airline will be routed all the way to the field for a future sandblasting pit.

The airline just over the conduit on the house side of the sidewalk/steps.

The airline now brought in under the steps.

Last evening (5/30/11) 40' of ditch along the driveway was hand dug thru the bed area . Hand digging was mandatory since there is already an irrigation line in this area. Also found the conduit for the 60 amp feed going to the bridge. That conduit was also installed with no connectors, risking the wire within. This will receive attention before filling back in.

The 1 1/4" conduit and 1" airlines were laid in the ditch and covered. The edging bricks will get some attention later.

Near the end of the garden area is the 8" square electrical makeup box, even with the expansion joint in the driveway. A convenient reference for the future if needed.

View from other side of the same.

Meanwhile the dig continued. Tried to dig 20' per afternoon, and this distance took several hours each afternoon. Lots of rocks and bricks in this area. All this dirt was put in the front end loaded and poured into holes behind the railroad ties around the lake. Fresh, clean, rock free dirt will be put back in this ditch one the airline and conduit are in place. If I ever have to dig this back up again, I want the next time to be rock free digging!

A view of the same from the other direction.

More of the ditch. You can see how the conduit was installed with no couplers between the lengths. Luckily this wire inside hasn't been severed yet. Will install some split couplers around this to hopefully keep everything in place.

Finally at the end! Dug under the railroad tie last night and along the last of the driveway. This gets me to the bridge and now conduit and airline installation can begin.

Both the conduit and the air line are complete in their pass thru the east wall of the house. The gray lower is the 1 1/4" conduit and the white higher, is the air line.

Closer view. Notice I included a air line quick disconnect in case of the need for compressed air on the east side of the house.