For years I have felt we needed a back up generator to power the house whenever we loose power. It would be easy to just run down to Northern Hydraulics and pick up one, but being in the old engine hobby I thought it would be much more fun to build one from pieces.

At the spring Portland swap meet I found a brand new still in the crate synchronous generator that puts out 6.25 kw at 115v AC 60 cycles at 1800 rpm's. It was made in 1967.

I missed a chance on buying a stand alone Continnental power unit to drive it with, so when we returned in August to the fall Portland show I was looking for an engine to drive it with. There were some new air cooled Japanese engines there, but I didn't really want anything new.

Then I found her, a model ZXB 4 cylinder Hercules stand alone power unit that was originally on a military generator. This was hauled back to the list area and cranked up and run awhile. Sweet little runner.

Once home I toyed with the idea of putting the engine and generator on a mid sized Hercules cart. I have a few extra lying around and it looked like it might fit.

The engines has been bolted on to the Herc cart and the generator placed near to see how she fits. Looks pretty good I think.

And a picture from the front....favors a small tractor doesn't it!

An adaptor needed to be made to attach the C-face generator mount to the bellhousing on the Hercules engine. This was turned from a burned out hot rolled ring.

The inside bolt hole pattern being drilled on the Bridgeport.

The outside hole pattern being drilled.

The completed adaptor ring can be seen between the generator and the bellhousing.

The original torque plate that turned the military generator had too small of a bushing to carry this generator, so the old center bushing was cut out and a larger bushing welded in. Here the final boring and truing of the OD is being done. The ID was bored concentric with the 4 tubes at the OD within .001.

In military use this engine turned 1000 rpm. I will need to turn this engine at 1800 rpm to make 60 cycles on a 4 pole generator. In doing so I discovered the cooling fan was running way too fast. This required making a new fan assembly with a larger fan pulley. Luckily I had just the right sized pulley in the scrap pile and bored it out to fit a newly designed fan hub.

Here the fan hub is finished and I'm boring the hole pattern for the fan blade to attach to.

And this bolt pattern is for the pulley to attach with.

More to come.....