A Furnace stick at IMC MetalsAmerica 3/11/11

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This is the ladle that will carry molten metal from one furnace to the one we are starting. The cover that is on it is natural gas fired and pre-heats the ladle to assure the metal is not cooled and to minimize shock to the refractory lining it.

This is the new furnace being started. The torches, also natural gas fired, have been pre-heating the inductors for several days, getting everything white hot.

Looking down into the inductor throats.

A closer look into the TE inductor throat.

The same.

The gas fired ladle cover has been removed, showing excellent pre-heat.

This is Line 3, the furnace metal will be poured out of into the ladle.

The ladle is in position under the spout of the furnace.

The furnace is tilted and metal pours from the spout into the ladle. It was poured at about 2200F.

As the first load of metal was being poured into the ladle, another team was turning off and moving the torches out of the way on the new furnace.

On the first pour the ladle is positioned so that the metal runs straight down the throat of the inductor. This assures only the hottest metal flows into the inductor. Cooler metal might freeze off and kill the electric loop of molten metal.

A good healthy flow of metal into the TE inductor. A 1/2 ladle is poured in this inductor.

The other 1/2 ladle of metal is poured into the EW inductor, directly into the throat also. The torch was not out of the way far enough, resulting in some splashed metal. All was OK though.

A second ladle full was poured from the Line 3 furnace.

The entire ladle was poured into the TE furnace. Hitting the throat of the inductor is no longer necessary, making these pours easier on the ladle operator. This is a good time to give new ladle operators some hands on experience.

The last of four ladle fulls approaching the furnace. A good crane operator made the stick go smoothly with no mishaps.

The last ladle full was poured into the EW furnace. This gives a new ladle operator some practice hitting a smaller target as the hearth opening on the EW furnace is much smaller than the TE furnace.

Stick was successful, and the furnace will be allowed to sinter for a few days, before cold metal will be carefully added, filling the furnace. 

Hope you enjoyed this series of photos.