Evansville 2004 SIAM show 


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Curt's 6HP 1929 Model XK Hercules buzz saw rig.

The twins....Missy's 1 1/2HP 1917 Model E Hercules & Dave's Rotigel's 1 1/2HP Economy.

Dave's 15HP TG'd IHC Famous

Bob Barr's beautiful concrete mixer that has been in the family since 1944!

Steve Barrs' "Herc" water pumper.

Steve's sweet Gade.

A fast running and smoky Thermoil

Keith Kinney's complete set of Model E Herc's from the 1 1/2 HP thru the 12 HP. Nice!

Keith's 35 HP Superior.

Nice pair of Model A's

Glen Karch's collection of horse and a half's, each unique.

Glenn's newest toy, a very nice Perkins horizontal. Featured in July GEM.

Glenn's homebuilt screen cooled Hercules.

A very nice set of Sparta's.

SIAM's ? steam setup.

An original Hercules screen cooled. A very, very rare sight indeed! First one I've seen.

More of the screen cooled Hercules.

And more....

A nice Pontiac.

New Holland on home made drop cart.

About a 7HP Herc E on original drop cart.

Fairbanks T???

Nice sized Superior.

Check out this Wico mag'd Baker Monitor! A rare bird indeed!

A nice Wisconsin with vertical flyball governor.

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