Asheville (Arden), NC 2002 show and swap meet

Under cloudy skies typical of Appalachia during the winter, the 2002 Arden/Asheville show proceeded with vigor. The last two years were bitter cold and this yearsí high 60's or low 70's were a welcome relief. The SEL was well represented. Arnie, Jake, Dave, and John traveled from Penn. John Culp came over from Tenn and brought a Maytag twin. Gene Waugh visited from Ill. and found some iron to follow him home. Pete traveled from Virginia. Brose and Dallas dragged a big Reid up the mountain. Cooking hot dogs over the hot tube was a real treat to see! I had just downed 2 BBQ sandwiches so I did not have room for one. Next show I have to try this.

Steve Royster had his usual phenomenal collection of rare iron including a new toy, a big Foos Jr. By the end of the weekend Steve had it "loose"and could turn the flywheels. Arnie brought his Novo and Witte along with excellent signs for his displays . Dave brought the 16HP Galloway and, in typical fashion, wowed that crowds with his unique starting method. I gotta learn how to do this on my engines. Dave did have a few starting problems on Sunday. Seems someone substituted some kero for gasoline in his fuel can. Mike Royster brought along a very nice air cooled Brownwall. Mike also found a butt buggy of choice. Missy and I brought along the 8HP Famous saw rig and set it up to run real slow.

John Fankhouser brought a couple of his models and he and Doug Kelley spent some quality time together discussing model building. Doug is currently working on a double acting 4 cycle engine. Yes, thatís a combustion chamber on each side of the piston!

As far as rare or unusual goes, there was a very unique 8HP Jaeger low base engine with small heavy flywheels. Have you ever seen an 8HP like this Glenn Karch? Another view.     See the base tag.     See the hopper tag.

John Deere about this air cooled model?    View of off side.    View of top.

My 9 year old son Devin was officially initiated into the old engine fraternity compliments of Arnie. Seems Devin was helping Arnie reinstalling a sparkplug and connecting the high tension lead when Arnie decided to slowly roll the engine thru to another position. Apparently he forgot the model T buzz coil was still connected to the battery and delivered a long muscle quivering jolt to Devinís hands. All we heard was a typical 9 year old shriek. No tears, no expletives. I think Arnieís contagious laugh settled the boy.

The group went to dinner on Friday and Saturday evenings. This was the first time I had been to a Sagebrush and was quite impressed with the quality of steaks there. Yes the usual telling of lies, consumption of alcohol, harassing the waitresses, and general misconduct of the SEL occurred. Although it was toned down to protect the innocence of the minor present. :-)

We loaded up about 1:00 on Sunday and headed out to see a nice IHC collection of engines in Hendersonville. It was certainly worth the drive to see it. This fellow built a 40 X 60 engine building with a facade to look like a 1800's mercantile building. Really a very nice setup.

All in all a very pleasurable weekend.

Here is the link to the rest of the pictures again.

Curt Holland

Gastonia, NC