The sand separation unit for outdoor Empire blaster - May 2012

Today's poor, poor quality control of blast sand causes many clogs in the blast pot due to improper screening of the sand. Re-sifting the sand by hand consumes more time than the actual blast time. It was decided to build a more efficient system for sifting 50# bags of sand, constructing a sifter that would sit over the sandblast pot and dump sifted sand directly into the blast pot.

Construction of the rocking sifter table. Was a bit of a challenge figuring how to hold 3 arches concentric with each other.


Welding continues....


The top of the frame is being welded together.


Have begun welding the legs on the frame.


Frame is all welded together.


The rocking frame is resting in place atop the main frame. The blast pot was rolled underneath to check fit.


The expanded metal is being fitted to the rocking frame. The expanded metal will hold the weight of the 50# bag of sand.


Expanded metal is all welded to the rocking frame.


Some 1/8 x 2" sides have been added to the main frame to keep the rocking table in place.


Four pieces of 18ga sheet metal were welded together to form the funnel that will direct the sifted sand into the blast pot.


Funnel has been added to the main frame and it looks like all fits well with the blast pot.


Of course shop assistant Kevin is always at my side. He's had his summer haircut, but still enjoys the cool shop floor.


And a view from the other side. It's about ready for paint.


All painted and assembled.


View from other side. All ready to use.