Gas Engine Drawings Index

These CAD drawings have been converted to .bmp images so users without CAD software can view them. If you would like a real CAD drawing of a part, email me at and I will gladly email you a file in a .dwg, .fcd, or .dxf format.

For reasonable image resolution on the larger parts like the Famous, I converted the CAD drawings to 1200 X 900 .bmp's. This means the images will appear rather large on your monitor. When printing with a program like MS Paint, these large images will print on several sheets because that program doesn't have a print to fit feature in their software. I recommend downloading IrfanView freeware at This program has the print to fit feature allowing the large .bmp files to fit on one printed sheet. MS Paint should work fine for the smaller .bmp's converted at 800 x 600 resolution.


Click here for IHC Famous parts drawings (1200 x 900 .bpm's)

Click here for Hercules parts drawings

Click here for Hercules carts drawings (800 x 600 .bpm's)

Click here for Abenaque parts drawings (800 x 600 .bpm's)

Click here for Stickney parts drawings

Click here for Columbiana pump parts drawings (800 x 600 .bpm's)

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