Coolsprings, PA 2004  show 


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The feature was 1/2 breeds and this was one of the finest examples there!

And another beautiful one....

Working on Arnie's halfbreed Bessie

Everyone else working....Arnie watching....nothing new! :-)

Uhh....again Arnie watching!

Does he actually have his hands on the flywheels?

Dallas joins in the fun.

Craig to the rescue!

Craig and Dallas heaving the flywheels. Yeah, Arnie watching again!

Dallas resting....

Missy's found her favorite engine.

Nice Foos, Jr.

One of the Windy City engines (I think?)

Deutz engine

Gas powered tampers. Cool! One fire per tamp.

Union Jack? Pumper

Very desirable Olin. Smallest I've seen.


One nice Geiser!


A rare treat indeed. A Sombart! Featured in Greyson's Beautiful engines book.

Linda Cox.


A Renfrow oil twin.

An early John Deere!

St. Mary's

A 3 1/2 HP Canadian

4HP Reid

The entire range of Reids!

Very early Eclipse. Oldest s/n known to exist.

3 HP Stickney.

Domestic water pump.

Edwards twin cylinder

Famous with unusual natural gas mixer.

Missy's 1 1/2HP Hercules

Curt's 6HP Hercules buzz saw rig.

Dave's big IHC Famous.

Arnie's Lorenz (Sofie)

Arnie's Witte.

Arnie's 1/2 a 1/2 breed. Does this make it a 1/4 breed?

What followed Dave home. A nice old air compressor.