Boone, NC 2004  show 


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View of show grounds nestled high in the mountains of western North Carolina.

A very nice FM Jack of all Trades

Hay hoist display


Bill Herndon's big United that ran sweet all day.

Ray Medford's Mogul.

Nice '66 Ford camper special with huge fob collection.

Close of of half of the watch fobs.

Tom Weatherford's latest toy....a St. Mary's picked up at Coolsprings. Tom needs info for this engine! Please contact him at _____________.

Old's model

Large Worthington engine. Can see some of the Ingeco influence.

Fordson tractor. Gotta have a least one tractor picture!

I thought this was a neat display with the Waterloo driving a pole drill.

Engine compressor combination.

Unusual Sparta Economy. Here are several more close ups.

Jeff Hutchins Otto.

IHC vertical.

A pair of Herc's one of Hercules persuasion one of Economy.

David Bradleys.

Ottowa drag saw.

8HP Herc and the Meadows stone mill he powered with it.

Stay Rite.

Bill Bird sprinkling magic dust on his new Gade.

Is this a Olds? Has a mixer just like a Olds....

FM pumping rig.

A screen cooled Canadian Fairbanks.

IHC Titan

Satley with beautiful pin striping!

Schramm? compressor unit.

One of my favorites...a large Sandwich.

Supposedly the first made Modul. s/n NZ501

Two sweet steam models.

Home made! Or at least an old tractor fitted with a Vega engine and a hood from an old refridgerator.

Show director's son-in-law driving his toy.