Devin beginning with his own forge.

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Devin picked up a forge blower at Portland last fall. Engine friend Clayton Ballard let Devin borrow the forge/pan and we hooked up a plastic hose to try it out. Devin has a rip roaring fire going and is heating a piece of hot rolled steel.

Now he is pounding the steel to the shape he wants. He says he's working on long pliers.

Heating the other end....

Oops fire is too hot and he cools the edges with the right application of water.


Well the lad says he wants to have his blacksmithing items covered. Can't disagree with this so this weekend we embarked on building a roof for him.....


Since this is going to be a simple 2 pole roof, the holes for the 6 x 6's needed to be deep for stability. Holes were dug with the tractor. These were 12" holes by almost 4 feet deep.

The poles were stood up, leveled, spaced correctly, and then back filled.

Outside edges of poles were notched for the trusses to sit on.

Trusses were made. Joist hangers used for ease of assembly.

With a good neighbors help, the trusses were bolted in place.

Next the 2 x 6 roof joists were added. The foot print is roughly 9' x 10'.

The first piece of green tin is in place.

Roof is on. Just need to add the ridge cap.

More later......

Update 11/17/06

The building is all done and Devin is hammering away. That's the winter garden of 250 collard, broccoli, and cabbage plants to the right.

Closeup of Devin working on a part.

The lad worked well into the night quitting around midnight!

That's all folks....