Narracoorte, SA Australia 2005 ralley 


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Cowley's traction engine.

Steering linkage...very nice design!

Marshall & Son's traction engine.

John Fowler cable plowing traction engine.

Close up of the cable reel for plowing. Hold 1/4 mile of cable that weights 4 tons!

Another John Fowler traction engine.

1903 Yorkshire steam powered truck. Nonpariel name.

Tuxford stationary steamer fitted with new oval fire box.

Burrell traction engine.


W14 and W12 IHC tractors.

Very nice David Brown tractor. First one I've ever seen.

How many ax handles wide???

Another David Brown tractor.

Sunshine Massey Harris tractor.

An interesting Moline tractor.

A 8-16 Mogul tractor

Imperial tractor

McDonald tractor

Nuffield tractor

Rockcrusher and Mc Cormick Deering

Ferggie 9N

Model F Cletrac

Gunsmith tractor

Aveling Barford Calfdozer

Nice eagle and tractor

Fordson with Athens plow

A flax puller. Pretty neat machine!

A K-4 HSCS Steelhorse tractor. (John Hammink, you have a HSCS engine correct?)

Field Marshall tractor

Hart Parr 18-36

Very nice garage display. 3:00 Saturday site of SEL photo.

Parts Art!


GMC flat bed. When did GM assume the Holden name?

A Diamond T with some interesting front end work.

Girls and their trucks!

A sweet White and 40' flat bed.

Chevrolet truck.

A blatant copy of the Jeep! This is a Nissan.

A Morris Commercial


A 6HP Goldfields

12 1/2 HP Hornsby Ackroyd - Probably the nicest engine at the ralley!

Hienrici hot tube inverted engine

5 1/2 HP Star, made in 1926, s/n 817. Shown by Jim Mutton.

Type J Crossley, s/n 61791.

Crossley with electric ignition.

Imperial Super Diesel...very popular energy source.

Very nice 7 HP Sunshine vertical. s/n 735

4HP Waterloo "Big Chief" and its' mixer

A tank cooled Type 1 Massey Harris. First tank cooled I've seen.

6HP Kay boat engine and a close up of the maggy

Nice Lister grain mill.

CT2 sold under the Cooper name. Note the solid flywheels.

An unusual JD E. Note spark plug and maggy.

Austral s/n 7150. Shown by Rod Covey-Clunes.

Alpha Laval cream seperators powered by steam.

A neat water pump display.

This 10 HP Coulson Simplex was my favorite for the show.

Close up of Simplex. The engine has a 9" bore and 15" stroke.

My favorite display of the slow. A Bagshaw wine pump

A close up of the herringbone gears

A close up of the logo

That is chardonnay being pumped

  4HP Cliff & Bunting Diesel

Lamp light Blackstone. s/n 73608

Lister Jr.

I recalled seeing this Monitor from a SEL discussion. Who could forget the color! Note the rare rotary mag.


Buzzacott Champion model

6HP R. Hornsby

2HP Petter horizontal!

and a close up of the governor. Neat!

Meitz & Weiss s/n 755

A real Fuller & Johnson pumping unit.

Petter Handyman

A nice 1 1/2HP Model SC New Way

Wow! A vertical Witte! Lucas Maggy close up.

Owen Brothers

Jelbert 6HP

An LLN Crossley.

Vertical Crossley with slide valve.

A beautiful Westinhouse.


A 55HP Crossley, 1925, 270 rpm, in service until 1971.

Nice original Modul. Note Oxblood red!

Nice original Austral

Nice Stover without the Cooper name.

Cute "Pig"

4HP(?) Clark & Fausetl Burnoil

R. Cundall & Sons.

another R. Cundall & Sons, 4HP, 5 1/2" bore X 10" stroke.

4HP LLN Crossley. Hot bulb detail Pend. gov.

1895 Islington....copy of Campbell?

4 HP Challenge. Shown by Barry Hughes. (note change of ownership Steve Barr)

1903 5HP Tangy s/n 3677 and Tangy water pump

4HP vertical Gade! s/n 148 Wow!

A common but very nicely slicked Sundial. 2HP Type B

Fairfield binder engine

Nice Blackstone

1919, 4 1/2HP Reliance, s/n 73!

Hopper cooled 6HP Star, #12

8HP Blackstone

1919 Clement Davidsome (1 of 3 engines)

A whole row of Australs! Here is the 3HP, 1928, s/n 7456

5HP, 1928, s/n 7782

7 1/2 HP, 1911, s/n 1911

8HP, 1925, s/n 5810

11HP, s/n 1581

Nufrend pump

1911 5HP R. Hornsby s/n 38707

5HP Petter Handyman #22508

GEM engine Relationship to Star???

4 1/2HP Pitt Spirit engine made by Buckeye Harvester

Lyndsay Frasier's 6HP IHC Famous throttler. Sweet!

4HP vertical Stover. Again without the Cooper badge/name.

1922, 2 1/2HP James Martin dairy engine

3HP Gardener hot tube 

Note the dual pushrods!

3 1/2 HP Clutterbuck made under license from Blackstone.

4HP Austral s/n 7816

3HP Woselly

A Monitor copy made by D&W Chandler Note cast hopper cover!

Fuel pulled out of bottom of tank.

Victory Shaft shaft detail

4HP Victoria (different company?)

Hayward Tyler hot air engine making 1HP.

8HP Austral details

Imperial and HUGE muffler!

10HP Jelbert and a smaller one

Nicely done Sunshine vertical

Deutscher loggers w/ 5HP Triumph engines

I'm guessing the oldest Crossley at the show. Note the Otto on the tag. 

The biggest Waterloo I've ever seen! A 12HP monster!

Hot air engine.