Memorial Day weekend work on the 6HP Herc

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Several big items remain to complete the project including constructing a lift to lift the painted engine and set it on the cart without dinging paint. This was welded up out of tubing and bolts into the mains. The backbone goes up into the cylinder bore. The angled part was needed to get the lift center forward to balance.

After final welding we stress tested it by lifting the engine and temporary cart together. Devin and I stood on the rails of the cart and bounced on it. It ought to hold. Here you can see where the base, cylinder, and hopper have been "cut in" with the color coat. Painted inside the base and between the surfaces, lightly. Here the green has been sanded with 320 paper and Scotchbrite and is ready for paint. Just need a dry calm morning for spraying.

Here Devin is taking out the bolts so we can lift just the engine to see how the lift point turned out. The point turned out just about right and was level within just a few degrees.

There is a serious casting flaw on the inside radius of the rim of one of the flywheels. This flaw is roughly 18" in circumference and leaves you with no reference with which to use body filler to. I needed a way to accurately form the body filler on the inside of the rim on the same radius of the rest of the flywheel. This tool was sawed and filed to match the profile of the rim.

I turned a bushing about .005 over the crankshaft diameter and the welded a piece of tubing to the top of the bushing. Then used the torch to bend the tubing down to where it would touch the rim profile plate. Here it is being tacked in place.

Removed the tool and welded it up solid.  This is the finished tool.

Mixed up some body filler and spread it on thick. Then just dragged the tool around and it formed the filler where it should be. It only took two applications of filler and the tool to get it leveled off. Just a little sanding and it was done. I was surprised how well it worked.

Missy took this picture as I was getting started on one of the wheel for the cart. They are being painted the same apple green as the engine. At the moment I have 3 of the 4 wheels done. Ran out of masking tape last night so I couldn't prep the 4th wheel. The outside of the rims are sprayed in Rhino liner material. This is an experiment to see how well it holds up.

Had a little paint left while painting wheels so I went ahead and sprayed the crank guard. Sure hope the rest of the engine turns out this well! I really like the way Imron slicks out. Guess that's why I've stuck with it for over 27 years of paint and body work.

Rain most of yesterday changed the engine painting plans,so I focused on assembling the saw rig parts onto the drop frame cart. Notice the one wheel yet to paint.

And a view from the front.

Remaining is getting paint on the engine base/cylinder/hopper combination and the flywheels. Weather permitting the engine will be painted tomorrow morning. All the small engine parts are painted, so once the engine is done it is just a matter of assemble time. It's not but 8 days 'till we leave for SIAM. It's gonna be tight getting it done! Later....