Sandblasting and painting work to the cart

Click on the small thumbnail pictures to see a full size.

The long frame rails on a drop center cart will not fit in the Empire 4848 blaster so these parts have to be cleaned up outside.

Blasting the drop frame rails.

Here you can see I'm blasting off the zinc-phosphate primer put on several years ago. Have been having top coat adhesion problems so I'm switching to 2 part primers now.


More blasting from a different angle.

All done, front of rail.

Back of rail.

Icing of the inside of the rails.

Icing sanded ready for primer.

Lovely shade of experimental primer. Actually is is Pepto Bismal pink.

Front wheel in blast cabinet.

Front axle assembly in experimental primer.

Son Devin locating the front plate onto the frame rails.

Devin giving me "that" look because I primed the wrong end plate.

Frame rails and back axle together.

Front axle added, and ready to roll now!

Just painted in IHC Farmall Tractor red. Dupont Imron used.

Front axle in foreground.

Will post a better picture of the cart outside in the sunlight in a few days....