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The  6HP Abenaque. The restoration of the 1969 MGBGT.
The 5HP tray cooled Alamo restoration The Volvo repair Dec '06.
The 5HP Stickney.    Update: New castings and plumbing 1/30/06 The restoration of the 1960 MGA.
The 1909 8HP IHC Famous engine w/ sliding saw rig. The 1961 Willys Overland Jeep for Devin.       The restoration process is under way! Click here for the restoration photos.
The 1926 6HP Hercules sliding table saw rig. New House
The 1926 3 1/2HP Jaeger on Hercules trucks. Antique gas engine shows we have attended
Missy's 1914 Hercules doctors buggy. Doug Kelley's models
Missy's New Way engine
Missy's 1 1/2HP Hercules. Hand winch for truck bed
Devin's Baker Monitor Rebuild Carroll Jamison lathe restoration
A home made Hercules/Electric Machinery generator Blacksmith Devin and his new blacksmith building
Devin's 5" piston Columbiana water wagon pump. Illinois Oil Lease
Devin's Go Cart Our travel home :-)
Devin's Briggs Model WI. The wood and tractor shed built spring of 2001.
Patterns made for hard to find gas engine parts. Antique gas engine cart identification page
  Shanghai, China 2011
Engineering drawings of parts made for engines and carts Empire blast unit modification and restoration (1st quarter 2011)
  Chinese casting line installation (Line6)
  Chinese casting line foundation (Line7) (2nd quarter 2015)
  Chinese casting line installation (Line7) (3rd quarter 2015)  New!
  Outdoor Empire blaster and sand sifting unit
  Furnace Stick 3/11/11
  Silver casting line installation
  Technical papers/writings:
  Piston machining specs-skirt and ring lands
How to?  
Pouring babbitt bearings. Hot bulb information
How to make piston rings - the all machined method (preferred)
Making a 3HP Hercules piston pattern and core box How to make piston rings heat treat method.
Making a Alamo piston pattern and core box How to make springs.
Making Stickney casting patterns. Furnace stick 6/10/2011
Making a 2HP Hercules piston pattern and core box Furnace stick 3/11/2011
How to make piston rings - the all machined method New 1/2/09 2" Hill Acme
How to build your own single phase to 3 phase rotary converter. Assy of Chinese casting line
Spinning metal shapes  
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