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We invite you to open the barn doors and have a look at our family and our hobbies. First a little about us......we are Curt, Missy, and son Devin. Missy and I are degreed engineers, educated at Clemson where we met while in Tiger Band. I am a practicing mechanical engineer and Missy is a retired electrical engineer. I work in a privately owned business, responsible for design, technology, process, and maintenance of the plant machinery. The company's web site is http://www.imc-ma.com .  Missy worked as an electrical engineer, until retiring, and has now embarked on a second career, nursing. She's graduated as an RN and is currently working in an elective surgery operating room. Our son Devin is living in Alaska.

We have quite a few hobbies and not nearly enough time to enjoy them. The restoration of British sports cars has been a hobby for more than 30 years. We are enthusiastic water skiers. About fifteen years ago I got into the antique gas engine hobby after being a spectator for many years. We now have engines from 1 1/2HP to 8HP. This hobby and participation in the Stationary Engine List prompted me to write this website. Involvement in the antique engine hobby has required the development of many new skill sets to bring these old engines back to life. These include pattern making, grey iron casting, Bridgeport machining, and lathe work.

This website documents the restorations of the engines, the antique cars, and has several "how to" pages on interesting topics like making piston rings, pattern making, and phase converters.

We are closely associated with the Cotton Ginning Days Festival, always the 2nd weekend in October.

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Email Curt:   curt@imc-ma.com

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