Pump station.
    Looking north at pumpstation Lift #3 District Seven water district.
    Originally a steam plant, western part of building. Eastern
    part (Seven windows) built for the Nordberg in 1921.
West End Pumphouse
     Looking ENE at boiler house of original steam plant. The big
     rusty pipe stuck into the chimney was the muffler for the
     Waukesha's that took the place of the Nordberg. Since replaced.
North side
      North side of the Nordberg showing all six of the cylinders and
      the starting air storage cylinders. The 'run' levers are along
      the side of the engine right above all the lube injectors. The
      left guage on the start-air manifold goes to 1500 pounds.
      Different handwheels on the air bottles feed into different
      parts of the start cylinder. (Left end of the engine) The big
      pipe along the catwalk is the induction air manifold..
North side Lube
      Three lube injectors and lube oil filters at operators start
      position.  The bigger pipe coming out of the floor is the lube
      oil supply, the little one is bypass back to the tank under the
      floorplates.  The start/run levers are right above the lube
      pipes but are not too apparent in the picture.
Fuel and Lube
     Leaky fuel storage tanks. Against east wall of pumphouse. Two 250
     gallon fuel tanks and a 200 gal lube oil tank, which feeds
     another aux tank under the floorplates beside the engine. Vines
     under tanks came in through window underneath.  I have not yet
     been able to trace out the fuel routing.
Starting cylinder
         Starting cylinder/supercharger? with start-air compressor in
         foreground. #1 run cylinder exhaust pipein left background.
         Don't understand the significance of the four black caps
         bolted onto the inlet and exhaust ports of the compressor ...
         The intake air 'strainer' is atop the left hand manifold and
         the hand wheel shaft goes up near it high up in the overhead.
         Big vertical pipeon right is cooling water. (I think) Catwalk
         and ladder on right side.
Starting air
         Air storage cylinders and connecting manifolds. A great deal
         of the air bottles are under the floorplates. No idea of
         capacity.  Main guage behind bottles reads to 1500 PSI.
Run Cylinders #1 and #2
       Bad picture of rocker/injectors and one head. #1 cylinder lost
       in gloom. (Light from windows fooled auto exposure in camera)
       Overexposed nearest rocker and pushrod assy. Taken from catwalk
       lookinf toward the east end of the engine.  Start cylinder in
       DEEP gloom.
Run Cylinders #1-#3
       Taken through window from outside the building.good view of the
       front three run cylinders and back side of start cylinder.  BIG
       pipes are the exhausts going down into the floor sump where the
       exhaust manifold is. Funny little skinny horizontal pipes just
       over the exhaust ports have the romex in them going to the
       little gadgetscrewed into the exhaust pipe.  Each cylinder has
       one, and they're for all the world like EGT probes!  All five
       of them converge at the vertical pipe fastened to the #3
       exhaust pipe and go down into the floor sump.  Never found them
       coming out......  Various coolant pipes going to the heads and
       cylinders, and what looks like inspection portson the cylinders
       themselves....  Suggestions as to their purpose?  Inspection
       covers into the crankcase near the bottom of the picture.
Exhaust side
        Good shot of "EGT probe into #4 exhaust pipe, and 'inspection'
        ports on cylinders.  Exhaust pipes are about 10 inch cast.
Start Cylinder (South side)
        Intake manifold showing handwheel shaft going up to the intake
        strainer.  It's a perforated box made out of brass about
        12"x16" WAY up ther near the cieling. The little short
        cylinder and head on the right end is the compressor for the
        start air.  Wish I knew what the long skinny shaft goes up to
        the intake about.  Good view of the #1 cyl "EGT"probe........
Junked out 'Jimmy'
        One of the 'aux' Jimmy's used to  handle light pumping loads.
        Converted to natural gas. There were four of these and three
        big old Waukeshas just inside the old boiler house when I used
        to visit ten years or so ago.....
Me and the dog.
    Me and Honeybun in my favorite chair.  She shares it with me if I
    ask nicely.
    The keyboard and the monitor on my right are the new OS2 BBS and
    the ones on my left are my workstation.
Happy Lady!
     Dee just finished a thousand piece puzzle!  She loves the things.
     I put together the sky....  It took her nine days to put it
Tired Dog!
      My delicate little Great Dane Poss. Registered name is Posa
      Negra of Waredane. Which means "Black hole"  She's totally
      invisible in the dark.
View out my back fence.
     Taken a little over a week ago.  Houses are now up to the corner
     on both sides of the street. The orchard they pushed out by
     'accident' is in the background.  They've now cleared that and
     are building two MORE streets north of the one where all the
     workmen's trucks are parked.  You can see how far I USED to be
     able to see..... There'll be two houses in the open space behind
     the green transformer....  Next month I'll be looking in my
     neighbors bedroom windows if I look here.
Boo! Manor from east subdivision.
     I'm about halfway down the stree they just finished across the
     street from my house.  The two palm trees I planted 30 years ago
     were two leaves. THe short one I planted fifteen years ago.
     They were flushing the storm sewers  from the fireplugs is what
     that hose across the street is about.  95 lots in this
Boo! Manor just across highway.
     Here I'm just across the higway from the house standing in the
     circle of the new subdivision street. To the left is
     the subdivision entrance and the model home backed up to my south
     fence.  Those damn flags in their yard drive us INSANE with their
     flopping and bangin the ropes on the flagpoles. The bigass ugly
     OBRA sign blocked out last possible view out of our office
     The poor bedraggled tree to the right of our drive in gate is the
     one where Dee stomped her feet and cussed the supervisor who was
     watching his backhoe destroy HER tree!
     We'll soon have houses out to the road  where that right hand
     power pole is.  Won't that be FUN!!