First try, just the hose in the airdamper plate.
 The plate about 1/16" open for the air flow.


Made a new airdamper plate
and soldered a needle valve
of an oiler in the the middle
to adjust the propane flow.


Here the complete new air damper plate
 mounted at the mixer of the engine.


This is the usual regular we use overhere.
red one is for the propane pressure
and the
blue one is the demand valve,
which only let the propane through when
the engine sucks at the inlet stroke.


My experience is to start with the airdamper almost closed.
With the help of the needle valve you can adjust the
propane flow. You have to play a bit to find the ideal
settings for the air and propane flow. The butterfly closed
and the governor springs not to tight.
Setting the oiler at 3-4 drips a minute will be enough.


How it looks when the engine runs.
I always use a 10 lbs propane bottle
 and that's enough for two days
or 15 hours running at shows.