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The reamer and babbit casting mounted in the lathe.
The babbit cuts like butter, so measure your work
often, as a guy can get carried away watching the
babbit shavings fly away!
I have a good start here in turning down the outside diameter.

No real fancy measuring devices here.
As I turned down the outside diameter of the casting,
I set the bearing housing on the casting to check the progress.

Boring the inside to get close to the crankshaft main journal
diameter. I just used a pair of inside calipers to gauge my
progress. I left the bore a little small, perhaps a thousandth of
an inch, or two, so I could hand fit the bearing to the crankshaft.

The babbit casting out of the lathe.
The engine right side main bearing shells had a inside chamfer,
or bevel, so I tried to duplicate that.

The babbit casting inside both halves of the bearing housings.
Looks like I'm going to have to make some additional shims to
go in between the bearing housings, as the old bearing inserts
were wore down, and had some shims removed long ago.

It's time to separate these guys into bearing inserts,
via an Armstrong powered hacksaw.

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