My type "M" engines

   1 hp M 1925 Wico Mag

       3 hp M 1926 Wico Mag

  6 hp M 1924 IHC "R" Mag

       McCormick-Deering        International Harvester       International Harvester

  Serial #  AW 19519

Serial #  BW 11304

Serial #  C 33118


3 hp M 1922 IHC "L" Mag  -  International  Harvester  -  Serial # B 47628


The IHC/McCormick Deering Type M gasoline engine was debuted in 1917 and built until 1937. All M engines were throttle governed and both low tension ignitor and high tension spark plug ignition systems were used. A unique feature of these engines was a completely enclosed, but dry crankcase. The crankshaft main bearings and rod were still greased by mechanical grease cups and the cylinder oiled by a drip oiler. All timing gears were inside, while the remaining parts, including the cam, were outside the crankcase. No oil was stored inside the engine.


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