As found in Hungary

4 hp side shaft 1925


1912-..., Hofherr Schrantz Clayton Shuttleworth, Vienna, Austria. Budapest, Hungary.

Hofherr & Schrantz was founded in 1869, in Vienna, Austria.
They produced agricultural machinery (mowing machines).
The company was a large company already in 1891, manufacturing threshing machines, portable steam engines, a.s.o.
In 1912 a partnership was established with Clayton & Shuttleworth Ltd. (founded 1857), world famous British traction engine and treshing machines manufacturers.
In 1938 Lanz (world famous for their hot-bulb tractors) became owner of the H.S.C.S. shares.
In 1946, communism ruling, the H.S.C.S. company became state-owned.
In 1969 the company joined with the Trauzl-Werke AG,
and in 1970 became a part of the Böhlerwerke AG.