Governor Adjustment Diagram

1. Unhook both governor springs as shown
at "A" . Remove cotterpin at "C" .
2. Push governor collar tightly up against flywheel hub as shown in "D" . It is very essential  that no space be left between collar and hub.
3. Close throttle completely so that lever is up against stop pin as shown at "B" .
4. With all parts in positions indicated at the left and set screw "F" tight, adjust lenght of governor valve rod by unscrewing it at "E" to be 1/16" to 3/32" longer than is required to fit over pin at "C" .
[ See detail at "C" .]
This gives correct lenght of governor valve rod. Lock nut at "E" should now be tightened. With this completed, parts should be properly replaced after which engine is ready for use.

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