Wood working shop of Emment and Dale Armstrong donated to GAMTRA in August 2012. It will be stored for some period of time until we can get a building constructed. These photos are posted to help us better remember the line shaft arrangement and how the equipment was driven.

Joiner with Allis Chalmers drive motor. Flat belt driven.




All the rest of the photos are downstairs. Band saw.


Main drive motor belted to line shaft.


In the back ground, on the left is the drive motor and the main line shaft is on the right.


Main line shaft. The belt on the right coming to the foreground drives the lathe.




Main line shaft on the left, belt you see is going to the lathe line shaft on the right.


Change over line shaft on the lathe. Belt dropping vertical goes to lathe head stock.


Change over line shaft over lathe. Those are drip cups under the bearings. Never seen these before.


Showing belt to headstock on lathe.






Belt on left goes to lathe. Belt on right to band saw.




Belt off of main line shaft driving the band saw.


Band saw.


Belt that drive mortising machine.




Table saw.


Mortising machine again.




Over all view of the main line shaft and the equipment being driven.