Devin Holland's Eagle Scout project for GAMTRA

and Lucy Pennegar's historical society.

In keeping with the mission statements of the Cotton Ginning Days / GAMTRA organization and Lucy Pennegar's historical preservation efforts, the club has long wanted to construct an early 1900's style machine shop on the show grounds, near where we constructed the blacksmith building several year ago. Devin wrote up and submitted the project to the Eagle Scout review board and received approval for the extensive project in early 2009. Most of 2009 has been devoted to the design of this building, the fund raising for construction of the building, and the permitting process. As we near the 4th quarter of the year, pieces are beginning to fall in place and construction is about to begin.

Early in the year Devin asked the group members to submit ideas on how the building might look. These plans were reviewed and Devin liked the layout submitted by club member Doug Kelley the best. This tentative layout was rendered in 3D SolidWorks as seen here.

In April, Doug volunteered his son, an architect in Raleigh, to prepare a set of plans to submit to the zoning and permit board of Gaston Co. In June Devin began the tedious process of acquiring a building permit. Many trips later and several modifications to the drawings, the permit was issued along with the with a zoning permit. Here is the finalized 2D drawing.



On August 6th Devin signed both the building permit and the zoning permit. A happy day for the young fellow. Here is a photo of the permit.

On Sunday August 9th Devin met State Senator Jim Jacumin at the show grounds to scope out the location for the building and to assess the grading work required. Jim has volunteered to do the grading work for Devin's project. The legislature is out now for summer break and it looks like just after Labor Day the grade work will begin. Lucy had said she has dirt available, which Devin will certainly need to bring the back edge up to level.

On Saturday October 31st. Senator Jim Jacumin brought his skid steer. Dirt was moved in while Jim moved and compacted the dirt all day.


Senator Jim Jacumin and Devin Holland pose before work begins.            The first of the dirt removal begins.



The top soil was loaded in the truck to use as weight for packing the dirt.   A load of dirt was brought in and Jim is moving it around.



More dirt is brought in.....                                                               Things are starting to shape up.



More dirt is brought in as the transit tells us we aren't level yet.         Done!



All done and ready to be covered until ready to start on the forms.

A GOOD day's work!


Over the last several months forms were set and now Devin and scout helpers are digging the footings out where the angle straps that hold the poles will go.


The rock was delivered that morning and the boys started shoveling.   All done and looking great!


Another view of the forms almost ready for concrete.                                     


Mixing the concrete to go in the footings.                                          Fixtures made to hold post straps. Concrete being poured in footings.


Devin is shaking the concrete to get it all around the L straps that will hold the building posts. The L straps are 30" long with 10" above the slab, so these are substantial footings.


All the footings are poured and should be ready to pour the slab.         7/30/2010 It's concrete pouring time!   


Calvin Huffman gave Devin some favorable pricing on concrete.            The master finisher at work. This machine really slicks the concrete!

Devin spent the afternoon watching the concrete cure - yawn....

and keeping it moist to protect the surface from the July sun.


Over the last several days the forms were all stripped, and the wood reused to make forms for creating the front porch on the building. After a hard afternoon's work, Devin is enjoying the coolness of the concrete for a short catnap :-)



Devin is standing up the first of the building posts.                              It's takes two to lift them in place.

The row of east posts is almost complete. Earlier in the evening Devin had arranged a load of dirt to be delivered and Tyler Lineburger brought his Bobcat over and placed dirt around the forms for the porch. There was not nearly enough dirt in this area of the forms and this needed to be done before digging the footings for each post.



The footings for the 4 posts in the porch area have been dug and poured in concrete. The footings are 15" diameter and 22" deep. These little fixtures were reused to again hold the straps that will hold the 6 x 6 posts at the edge of the porch.

Meanwhile we've installed another row of posts on the west side of the building. It's starting to take shape. Hope to pour the porch next week.

Another view of the 8 posts installed to date.



Devin arranged a Boy Scount work to ready the forms for pouring.                The boys are moving dirt to level everything out.


All level, dividers installed, and now they're packing the soil.                     It's an Eagle Scout project tradition to feed the boys lunch.



It was pour day for the front porch. Calvin's man is radiusing the edge.      Front porch all done!  



A handful of evenings had the beams all up. These are dual 2 x 12's.



All the roof joists are made, bolting two 12 foot, 2 x 8's together, with about a 4' overlap.



Work has begun standing the roof joists up and attaching them to the beams.


Devin is getting used to heights. It's a long way down. Here we only have the 4 joists over the posts remaining to stand up and attach to the beams under them.

Devin perched atop the highest part of the building. A future iron worker?



Neighbor Danny Postell and his dad joined us on Saturday afternoon. The last 4 ceiling joists were stood up and tied in to the beams. It was now time to square the top of the building. Using a come-along we pulled in the needed directions and then installed cross braces. When done it checked square on the horizontal diagonals within an 1/8". Sweet!



A better view of all the cross bracing to keep the building square.      We've installed two boards to hold ridge beam fixtures.

The 6 fixtures are installed that will hold the ridge beam in place until the rafters are nailed in place. We are ready for the club work day on 11/6/10.



To make safe work platforms we used the purlins to make a deck.      End boards were centered, then a string used to center the rest.


The two ridge beams have been installed.                                       Master carpenter Aubrey Brewer kept us in accurately cut rafters.


A few of the rafters in place. Rusty Friday and Curt installed them.     Once the rafters were done the purlins were installed. 2 x 6's.


Fearless Leon Lineburger working his way up, installing the purlins.    Leon takes a much deserved rest.


Danny Postell and Devin installing the wind braces across the tops.     All done with the roof structure. A very nice day's work!



The roofing tin arrived on Wednesday and we put it on the following Saturday. The roof crew was Curt (top), Shane Romeg (middle), and Danny Postell (lower). Rusty, Devin, and Wally handed sheets of tin up to us, moved ladders, and handed us supplies.



Unfortunately the roofing material supplier shipped us short two pieces, and damaged another, so we have to wait for a few more pieces of material to come in, but we are close to having it all dried in. A good day's work!



The last two pieces of tin came in and we installed them along with the ridge caps. Chris Stroup let us use one of his bucket trucks, making the job a LOT safer. After we were done Austin (left) and Devin (right) played in the bucket for a few minutes, taking it as high as it would go.



A club work day was held to install the frame work the siding would be attached to. Aubrey Brewer was again the master carpenter cutting all the board to fit perfect.



Today was the first of several days devoted to installing the siding. It was a club work day and three of the OA scout came too.


The three OA scouts cut the boards to the 10' length.                          They squared each end and Robbie trimmed each end. 


Left side of back wall all done.                                                         The other team was busy on the right back wall.  


This corner is starting to look pretty good.                                         Nailing up the north end purlin to attach the siding to at the top.


Back wall all done. Still have to do the sliding doors.                           We wrapped things up about 2:00. A pretty decent day's work!


View of the front of the building. Soon it too will have siding.                Siding completes along porch observation area.


Security panels made and installed for the front.



In preparation for siding the gable, this was framed in.                      Meanwhile another group worked on making the sliding doors.



This Saturday was spent installing the siding on the gable end, north side of the building. Missy, Wally, Shane, and Devin are happy at the good progress of the day.



The last big work day!

Boards left over from the gin building were used to close in the ceiling under the porch area. Here Danny Postel is installing the boards.


The other crew worked hard at installing the battens on the remaining three sides of the building. Here Caleb is nailing on a batten in the gable.


All the battens are installed! Quite a day's work!



Saturday was a cleanup day and all the building materials were hauled off. Devin's Eagle Scout project is all complete! Whew! These two final photos were taken in the late afternoon sun. The poplar siding really has a nice color.


The inside is all ready for the machine shop equipment soon to be moved in. Hey, it makes a pretty good garage too, as Devin's Jeep fits inside.

That's all folks!