Cotton Ginning Days 2004

For the first time in a lot of years we had spectacular weather for our annual Cotton Ginning Days show!

This year the county estimated we had 30,000 spectators attend Cotton Ginning Days, our best year yet!

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We're ready for the festival. The engine and gin are prep'ed, the signs hung, and the seating in place. Soon it will be shoulder to shoulder people, engines, and tractors. 

Lucille and Cookie will greet you at the registration desk.

Our feature this year was the Stickney gas engine. Four Stickney's together in the South....A very rare event indeed!

Curt Holland's 5HP gravity fed Stickney. s/n 7922

Curt just got this 5HP fuel pumper Stickney going the day before the show. Like the temporary gas can? It ran pretty good on 2 cycle mix too......

Tommy Berry's 3HP gravity fed Stickney. Tommy made the nice cart for his engine.

Steve Royster's 3HP gravity fed Stickney, also on a home made cart.

Readying the 37 1/2 HP Fairbanks Morse semi diesel.....

An emergency re-lacing job being done by HC Lankford.

Inside the gin building looking at the 1900 Continental gin.

A few engines.....

Curt's 6HP Abenaque

Clayton Ballard's Hercules drag saw. Where is the fence?

WC Helms 5 HP Ottawa draw saw. Oh the carnage!.....

These two girls are intently studying the drag saws. Someday she'll have one of her own!

Clayton's 22 1/2 HP Bessemer.

Curt's 8HP IHC Famous saw rig.

Matt Tucker, an engineering student at UNCC, operating Clayton's drag saw.

Curt's 6HP Hercules buzz saw.

Missy Holland's original 1 1/2 E Hercules.

Clayton tweaking the oiler on his 7HP Hercules.

Dave Rotigel's 15 HP Domestic push button start. Dave traveled from Pittsburg to attend Cotton Ginning Days!

Arnie Fero's latest kewl toy, a British made tulip topped Bamford. Sweet! Arnie also traveled from Pittsburg to attend. Guys we were honored to have you join us.

Arnie also brought his heavy, twin side shafts Crossley, appropriately nicknamed "Fat Bastard".

Dave laughing at his "John Kerry for President of France" sticker on the front of his engine.

Larry Harding's 10HP Acme Succor Rod engine made by the SM Jones Co.

A few tractors.....

Tommy's 20-40G Rumley tractor.

Nice F-10 ? Farmall

One of HC Lankford's IHC tractors.

View of the tractor display area from the top floor of the gin building.

Missy and Dave discussing......politics?

WC is one proud grand dad.....

Model builder Doug Kelley (right) and Clayton.

Hazel Boyd preaching on Sunday morning in the village chapel.

HC Lankford with his corn grinding outfit. A Meadows mill with an IHC power unit.

Front view going into our blacksmith building in the village.

Bob Thornburg heating a part in the forge.

Bob pounding the anvil.....

The homestead in the village, constructed by Lucy Pennegar and her staff.

The quilters at work in the homestead building.

Some of the kid's rides and entertainment set up by the county.

One of several music groups playing during the 3 days of Cotton Ginning Days.

The weekend is about wrapped up when the cotton bale is being weighed. Dan Rowe knows the weight and is taking the number to the announcer to see who won the closest guess prize. It's a $100 to the winner!

The close of another fine Cotton Ginning Days show. See ya'll next year.