My Farmall 200

I decided I "needed" a tractor.  The excuse is plowing my driveway in the winter.

I looked at all that are out there and decided I like the tall "row crop" tractors.  In my youth I lived on a farm where all the tractors were green.  I like JD but for some reason I have always liked Farmall.  I got educated on farmall sizes and power and decided I needed a C
After much searching I found a 200 at an estate auction.
Original owner,  all paper work,  including the delivery report, (6/17/55)
and a original equipment front blade!!

I bought it!

Here it is as found

And here it is home.

So far it has had It's first cleaning
all new fluids a new muffler,
and a new cutter edge for the plow  Bright yellow Poly


I got after the "tin" this summer.  I wanted to at least protect it from more rust.  It went better then I thought.
I was able to hammer out some dents by laying the metal on my hard clay yard! and hammering on it with a mallet and short piece of 2X4
While I was at it I painted all the plow parts.
A friend of mine gave me some great locally grown oak for a new platform.

I think it is starting to look OK

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last updated 03/04/05