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DELCO  WARNING  Don't run with out batteries.
The batteries HAVE TO BE CONNECTED for the generator to regulate
properly. If you run it for any length of time without the batteries, it will
burn-out internally. you can get 32 volts by connecting 2 12-volt and 1 8-volt
batteries is series, 12+12+8=32. 8-volt batteries are available at any battery
supplier, they are used for tractors and sometimes 6-volt systems that are
set-up to 8-volts. The load don't matter as long as it is within the charging
limits of the generator. I am not new to this, I have 23 old generators.
Rick Gevay  Some of Rick's plants

These are Delco Light Plants
32 volt 850 watts

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Thanks to Gary Lund
Redwood Falls,

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