"Call of the West" Hit & Miss Engine

This very early "Call of the West" engine is 4HP, hit-&-miss, igniter fired, and has a Webster Magneto.  The muffler and cart are not original (an original ball muffler has since been reinstalled).  Due to its age and rarity I have not repainted it - it is still in its "work clothes".  It starts first time every time!

La Compagnie Desjardins of Saint Andre-de-Kamouraska, Quebec began production of its famous "Call of the West" gasoline engines in 1911.  That year, A. Stanley Jones a homesteader with his wife on a quarter section near Cavalier, Saskatchewan purchased a 4HP "Call of the West" engine, and a 24 inch separator from the Desjardins company.  Small separators had been around since the 19th century, but Jones' innovation of combining engine and separator in one portable unit provided the farmer with a cost effective thresher that could be taken into the field.    They became an instant hit,

and Jones became backlogged with orders.  In 1912 he became an official agent for Desjardins, and began marketing the "Call of the West" engines and separators in Saskatchewan and the other western provinces of Canada as well as the northern states of the US.

Desjardins engines are red in color, the exception being
"Call of the West" models were painted olive green with gold trim.

These engines closely resemble the Waterloo Boy engines that were being produced in Waterloo, Iowa.  Whether Desjardins built these under a license arrangement is unknown.
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