Arden, NC

21sth Annual Western NC Fall Harvest Days

Saturday, October 28th, 2006


Stakers at Arden.... nineteen Stakers met for a group picture Saturday, October 28th at 11:00am in front of Starbolts.  That is ten more than in our last group picture in 2004.

(left to right)

Top Row: 1- Chip Watford, 2- Larry Dalton, 3- Robert Blanchard, 4- (Blank), 5- Merton Canady, 6- Terry beasley; Middle Row: 1- Denny Foster, 2- Joe Knowles, 3- Dallas Cox, 4- Linda Cox, 5- Tom Weatherford, 6- Doug Barbee, 7- Dwayne Simpson, 8- Tony Leonard, 9- Steve Baldwin; Front Row: 1- Jim Case, 2- Bill Bird, 3- Johnny Fermanides, 4- Fred Van Hook

Below are photos of a few of the engines present at this event.


(Walking Beam)




 (England mfg.) 



Bull's Eye

Tag:  Reeves Pulley Co. Columbus,Ind.     Tennessee Mill & Mine Supply Co.            Agents, Knoxville, Tenn

Reeves Pulley Co

IHC Titan (front)  IHC Titan (back)

IHC Famous


Half Breed

Oil City Boiler Works

South Penn Oil Co.

Shippensburg, PA, by Leader Domestic, Decatur, Ill.

Mr. James Burns age 79, with the wagon purchased new by his father seventy years ago when James was only 9 years old.  He spoke of the day that the wagon was delivered to his the family farm, and of those long-ago days when he and his brother would use the wagon on the farm, and to go to town to pick up supplies.  The wagon has remained in the Burns family since it was delivered to them Thursday, March 18, 1937.


It was a real treat to meet Mr. Burns, and to listen to him reminisce about his family and the days of his youth.

The Wagon was made in Hickory, NC, and sold through W. N. Watson Supply Company, Greenville, SC Original bill of sale with delivery instructions to the Barns farm.

another IHC Famous


a few tractors pictured below




another Oliver (guarded by puppy)


John Deere


Allis Chalmers


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