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In 1951 my father bought a new Ferguson TO-20 Tractor from the dealer in Wayland Missouri. The next year he traded it in on a new Ferguson TO-30. It was the same tractor with a bigger motor, stronger gears, and improved hydraulics. The extra power made it into the tractor the Ford N series tried to be. Over the next 16 years my brother and I spent many an hour on that tractor. We plowed with a mounted two bottom plow, harrowed, used a mounted disk and cultivated corn with a mounted cultivator. Other times it pulled wagons of hay, silage, and corn. We even used it to chase cattle, standing on the turning brakes to spin in front of a reluctant piece of walking hamburger. All in all a good tractor and now I have one in my collection.

I recently picked up a 1951 Ferguson TO20. The tractor was free as in "come and get it before it is hualed off to the junk yard". Now the defination of free is rather slippery. I ihad to borrow a trailer and make a 400 mile round trip. With meals and gasoline, the initial investment was around $125.

Once it was home, it needed some parts to make it run. The first hit was a $200 starter. Added to the first trip was a carb kit, water pump, fan, pulley, and radiator hoses. It still needs a thermostat. All told the first trip to the parts house was close to $400 but I did get it started. Another trip for some missing and repair parts such as an aircleaner, regulator, starter switch, and front end bearings ate up another $100. A 6V battery was another $50.

So far my "free" tractor is near $750 and it has a cracked block.

That list is a long one but here are some immediate ones in no particular order.

  • Mount regulator and Key.
  • Rewire.
  • Mount Aircleaner
  • Tune up.
  • Stop block leak.
  • Rebuild front end

    Another very long list but here are some quick highlights.
  • Battery bracket
  • Front tires
  • lift quadrent lever
  • Thermostat and radiator

    I have compiled some interesting Ferguson tractor information. First is a Brief Ferguson history , then a list of Nebraska Tractor tests of the Ferguson and production history. Also included is a list of books and magazine articles on Fergusons and a serial and model number list. For test and production figure comparisons between the Ferguson and Ford go to Ferguson to Ford comparison.

    There are many Ferguson tractor resources on the net. One important resource is the:

    Ferguson Tractor mailing list.

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    Thanks to David Lory for much of the information on Fergusons.

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