Jerrys Old Engines in South Africa

Wheels at the Vaal
5th & 6th September 2009


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This is our club, Vaal Old Wheels' annual show and is held on the campus of the North West University in Vanderbijlpark.

Once again we were blessed with perfect weather and a good time was had by all.

As usual there was much of interest including displays of vintage stationary engines, tractors, farming equipment and implements, steam engines, vintage, classic and modern motor vehicles. Regular demonstrations were also held of, blacksmithing, ropemaking, mealie threshing and milling, oat milling and borehole drilling.

Gert Beukes also demonstrated two old "Horse Gears", one pumping water and the other grinding mealies - these were 1 Horsepower and 1 (unwilling) Donkeypower respectively :-)   For those who do not know what a "Horse Gear" is here is a pic from an old Bamfords catalogue - unfortunately I never got a pic of those at the show.

Particular mention must be made of the contribution made to the success of the stationary engine display by Neville Botha. This year, as usual, Neville went to great lengths to provide an interesting display. So much so that I have set up a seperate page showing Neville's equipment.

It was disappointing to, once again, see the lack of "information boards" on engines. Please guys, I know some of you have them - PLEASE USE THEM!

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Lister Engines
Wolseley Engines
Neville's Equipment
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