Jerrys Old Engines in South Africa

32 HP John Robson Engine

We recently went to look at his 32 HP John Robson engine that was found in Johannesburg. It spent it's life driving a refrigeration plant at a flower farm but was made redundant by the arrival of electricity many years ago and has been idle since.

The farm is now surrounded by residential areas and is soon to be rezoned and developed into housing units. A friend of mine has acquired the engine and will be removing it quite soon. This will involve removing the roof and lifting it out with a crane as the engine room appears to have been built around the engine and there are no doorways big enough to get it out.

I have searched the Internet for info or pictures of these engines and found no information. There are a few smaller ones rallied in Australia. Any information would be appreciated

It's quite amazing to think that this engine has lain for so many years right under our noses and not been "discovered".

Here are some pictures

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