Jerrys Old Engines in South Africa

Reg & Marg Ingold's visit to South Africa - December 2010
(24th December 2010)

As most of you know, I am a member of the Stationary Engine (S.E.L.) and Oldengine e-mail lists. I joined these lists sometime in 2004 or 2005. At that time the first e-mail I received welcoming me to the lists was from an Aussie gentleman by the name of Reg Ingold (visit Reg's website).

Over the years I've made many friends on these lists but Reg always held "that special place'" and we became firm friends but never met in person.

 A few years back I expressed the wish (to the lists) to own an Australian built engine - nothing fancy (I have serious budgetary limitations) just an "Aussie" engine - we have very few in South Africa. Of course Reg came to the fore and found me a beautiful little "Alfa Laval" badged Ronaldson & Tippet Model N. Although the Ronnie "N" (as it is affectionately known) is a very common Aussie engine this particular one was special. It was one of the very early models and was a 1 1/2 H.P. There were only a few of these "one and a half's" built in the early years before production was changed to 2 H.P. engines which are far more commonplace today. "Reggie" as I named him (I name all my engines) will always hold a very special place in my heart.
 (You can read more about "Reggie" my Ronnie "N" here).

 A month or so back I received an e-mail from Reg to say that he would be visiting South Africa in December to see his brother Dave (who only lives 20 Kms. away from me). I was overjoyed - at last I would meet Reg and his wife Marg.

Reg holds a special place amongst list members and has regularly visited the USA to attend the Portland and other shows and now he was coming to darkest Africa. What could we do to make his visit special ? (Apart from "lock up our women" - after all, Reg does have a reputation to live up to :-))

Well, the great day finally arrived on Thursday 23rd December.  Reg walked into my office and gave me a great big hug - thanks mate, that sealed it. I had been asked by various list members to give Reg & Marg "hugs and kisses" which I did - I gave them to Marg and Jacqui gave them to Reg (just in case you were wondering :-)). Reg, I would like to compliment you - you have an amazing wife by your side - Marg is a truly charming lady.


Preplanned was a "flypast" of my house which happened at precisely the right moment - within a few minutes of Reg & Marg's arrival David treated us to a low flypast of his beautiful Yak 52 complete with smoke trails and I was able to say to Reg "There goes your ride!!"

Thank you David.
Reg and his brother David were treated to a "flip" in David's "Yak 52" two seater Russian trainer.

David is a very safe pilot and his Yak is in excellent condition and I had assured Reg that he would not do any aerobatic moves unless Reg first agreed. Well, my heart sank as the Yak (with Reg in the rear seat) did a "flypast" with smoke trails and I recognised the build up to a "barrel roll" - OOOPS!! I'd forgotten to mention to David that he should first ask Reg !!! Well, all went off well and Reg loved it.

Thereafter we went to Jacqui's house for refreshments and a chat. Marg had "Special" South African Milk in her coffee and loved it in spite of it only being 11:00 am.

The next visit was to my friend Neville Botha who had only last week been flooded out and a very enjoyable day was spent there. In spite of the fact that Neville's showroom and museum were not in their usual pristine condition due to the recent flood Neville had worked wonders and started up not only his big Ruston but also the two smaller Rustons and the small Ruston PS. Thank you Neville.
The engines were closed down and we had a "braai' (barbeque to the uninitated) and consumed copius amounts of "adult beverages" until "hometime" was reached.

A special thanks to Neville and his wife Luann is in order here. My friends (that's Neville & Luann), in spite of the trauma you have experienced over the last week I thank you for your gracious (as always) hospitality. A special thanks to Luanne - I know that it is not an easy task to entertain a bunch of rowdy engine men at the best of times - but to do that after what you have just been through is truly amazing - thank  you very much.


Update Tuesday 28th December  - A visit to David Gous's home and museum - .

We were invited to David's home and his museum/showroom is quite extraordinary. It is built onto his home with huge interlinking plate glass windows and doors making it an integral part of the house. Sitting in the lounge surrounded by beautifully displayed vintage motor cycles, his Yak 52, a row of Ferrarri's and other vintage and classic cars, trucks, engines, tractors and much more is an awesome experience.

The large Crossley Engine and many of the vehicles were started  - all are in perfect working order but more about David's showroom in another article - this one's about our Aussie visitors.

 Reg & Marg had a great day
(as did we) and met new friends and even sampled some South African "meilie pap" with the lunch time braai put on by David.

The Austin Seven reminded me of what our mutual friend, Arnie Fero said to me years back when I mentioned that I was going to call my Ronnie N "Reggie". He said, "If you're going to name it Reggie - expect it to misbehave!" How right he was.

 Once again, copious amounts of adult beverages were consumed and all too soon it was time to leave.


The pics are below. Thank you Reg and Marg for coming all the way to Africa and allowing us to meet at last.

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            The flight in a Yak 52 - 23rd December.

Reg and Marg

Reg, PFI

Last minute repairs.

Reg gets strapped in.

Captain R.Ingold

Ready for lift off.

Last call before lift off

We have lift off - Reg on board.

Back safe and sound !
            Reg doing what he does best !!!

Reg and Jacqui

Reg and Luann

Reg and Marg.
(Just to show that there is no favouritism - he treats 'em all equally).

Reg and the two ladies in my life.
(Jacqui & Stephanie.)

Reg and Stephanie.

Luann, Neville, Margaret and Reg.

           A visit to David Gous - 28 December 2010.

           Dave's Austin Seven brought back memories of courting days.

           The Ingold's new ride ??

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