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(Update 11th August 2007)
I have been making make replica brass engine specification plates since early  2005 and have so far supplied plates to friends and collectors in Australia, Great Britain, Japan, New Zealand, the U.S.A and South Africa.

If the brass specification plate (A.K.A "Makers Plate", "Spec plate", Identification Plate, "brass plate" and other descriptions) on your engine is missing or damaged then you may want to consider having me make you a new plate.

I make "etched" brass plates and at this time I am only able to make this type of plate. I do not make aluminium plates or use any metal other than brass. I also cannot, at this stage produce "cast" plates.

Ideally I need an original plate to work from (this will be returned to you) but I can also work from a good, large, fairly high resolution digital photograph - taken straight on. In all cases I redraw the artwork and go to great pains to duplicate the original including the letterstyle and spacing. I do not use modern computer typefaces (fonts) and actually redraw the lettering as close as possible to the original. I also do not just scan the original - I need to convert it to a drawing made up of vectors (lines) as opposed to pixels as found in a .jpg or bitmap file and this can take many hours.

At this time I do not charge for doing this artwork - I consider it to be my contribution to the hobby as is the process of making the plates. I do this as part of the hobby - it is not the way I earn my living - so please understand that it also sometimes takes some time to produce new artwork. Fortunately my customers have been very patient up till now - thanks.

I also do not ask for payment up front !! When I've done the artwork I will mail you a copy and if you are happy then I will make the plates and send you a photograph of them - if you are still happy then we will talk about payment - can I be any fairer than that?

I supply the plates "raw" ie. I just clean the masking solution off, grind them to shape (I cannot do concave shapes at this time - only convex like the Fairbanks Morse, Wolseley and Ruston & Hornsby plates below or rectangular) and it is left to the customer to polish, paint, buff or whatever his preference is. Click this link for instructions on the various ways of finishing the plates off - all very simple and no need for any special equipment. I also do not drill the holes because these were not always exactly the same on the original engines - I think some manufacturers just had a guy fitting them by hand and that was not too accurate. I can etch "false countersunk screws" into the plate (see Fairbanks Morse plate below) if you plan on attaching them with adhesive (the easiest way).

I have done artwork for some models of the following engines:
Ruston & Hornsby, Lister, Wolseley, FF (the Danish engine), International Harvester, McCormick Deering, Petter, Caille, Fairbanks Morse, Waterloo Big Chief, Wisconsin**, Bernard**, Lorenz, Petter, LeRoi, Kubota, Alfa Laval (Ronnie N), Burnoil, Gilson, Briggs & Stratton**, Deutz, Iron Horse**, Kewanee, Kubota, LeRoi, Litchfield, Monarch, Root & Vandervoort, Wisconsin**, Witte, Crossley, Coventry Victor Diesel, Avery (scales) and a few others. (** originals were aluminium but I can only supply brass).

I'll publish a page soon showing pictures of the plates I can produce but if you need a plate for an engine that is not listed please feel free to eMail me. Remember that I do not charge for doing the artwork but do need a good copy or picture to work from.

The prices I charge are as follows:
Up to 100mm x 60mm @ US$ 20.00 each plus postage.
Up to 100mm x 120mm @ US$ 32.00 each plus postage.
Up to 100mm x 145mm @ US$ 40.00 each plus postage.

    Airmail postage rates are not exhorbitant from South Africa  to the rest of the world. Up to 4 of the smaller plates above airmailed to the U.S.A. comes to approximately US$ 3.00 and I do not load the price with a packaging charge.

 Exchange rates change every day so  here's a link to the currency converter I use (what is nice about this one is that you can also see what the conversion rate was  on a particular day for a few years back).
Bank of Canada

Acceptance Mark
As of April 2010 I can accept payment made via PayPal.
Acceptance Mark


Here are some pictures.

Click on any pic to see a larger version - use your "back" button to return

Half size "Big Chief" plate made
for one of Reg Ingolds models.
Some of these letters are less than
1mm high.The letters in the line with the Patent Dates are
1.8mm high x .8mm wide.
Half size agents plate also made for Reg Ingold.
This tag was 40mm x 20mm and
the pic above will be almost double the actual size if viewed on an 800 x 600 browser.Click on
it to see the definition
Fairbanks Morse plate with black background
Lister plates - supplied as
a set of two. These have the background painted black - I do not supply them like this
I also make "Specials" like this one acknowledging the friend who donated this engine to me
Another Special I made for my own engines
Wolseley WD - this was the first plate I made (It's not for sale but I can make a duplicate).
Ruston & Hornsby PT - I can also etch the engine number, H.P. and other details into the plate. Just specify them when ordering.
International Harvester from picture supplied by John Hammink. Thanks John - R.I.P.

More etched Brass Engine plates.

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