Jerry's Old Engines in South Africa

Kerneels Laubscher is a friend of mine and has a good collection of old engines (some are featured elsewhere on this website) but this page is of pictures of interesting and unusual items that he has for sale at his business - De Kraal Antiques - between Johannesburg and Vereeniging. I go there often but have only recently taken photographs and will do so on a regular basis in future. Kerneels travels extensively throughout South Africa attending sales and searching for unusual articles, and always has a good selection of antiques for sale.

He has a wide selection of "farm" antiques, Engines (both steam and internal combustion), Kitchenalia, Blacksmith tools, Petrol and Oil equipment, Coca Cola memorabilia, "Dinky" toys, old tins, furniture and many other items.

   My interest is of course more on the farming equipment and old engine side and he usually has a great selection of things to see here. It is these items I will show here from time to time.

    This is not a commercial site but bear in mind that most of these items are for sale and should you see anything that is of interest to you please feel free to mail me at the address on the bottom of this page and I will put you into direct contact with him.  Although we are friends, I have nothing to do with his business and all dealings will be direct with him.

Kyko Hot Air Fan

The first item is this Kyko "Hot Air Fan" made in England. This is the only one I have seen. Since I took these pictures it has been restored & painted by Thys Jonker (another friend). I have not seen it since so cannot comment on what it looks like now.

Click on the pics for a bigger version

Closeup of the Brass "Makers Plate"

Front view with burner alongside for visibility
Closeup of the crankshaft
and barrel
Side view showing the
burner in position
Another shot of the crankshaft and barrel

Standard Cream Seperator

The lists had some correspondence a few months ago on Standard Cream Seperators and their engines: Here is one that Kerneels has in his collection - I am not sure if it is for sale or not but suppose that everything is "for sale" if the price is right!
This engine/seperator unit was also restored by Thys Jonker a few years ago and is in excellent condition.

std1.jpg std2.jpg std3.jpg


Lister Auto Truck and 1928 Shell Petrol Pump

The lists also mentioned Lister "Auto Trucks" some while back - here are 2 pics as well as a Shell Petrol (Gas to you Yanks)  Pump - the Assay Test Certificate on this pump is dated 1928.

Lister AutoTruck & Enamel signs
Lister Auto Truck Grille

1928 Shell Petrol pump

  That's all for now - please feel free to contact me at the address below with any comments.

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