Jerrys Old Engines in South Africa

New Year 2008 Crankup.

Here's what we did for New Year 2008. The engines were started at midnight and The 1928 Wolseley Type R - 6 H.P. ran until 1:45am. We only ran the Maytag for about 3/4's of an hour - it was making too much noise and we wanted to hear the Wolseley :-)

Myself, my  daughter Jacqui & her boyfriend Adolf and his 2 sons were present. Toasts were drank to all our engine friends and we also took a few moments to remember those who have passed on.

We wish all our engine friends a Very Happy and Prosperous 2008.

Here are the pictures

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The stars of the show.
1928 Wolseley Type "R" - 6 H.P.
1936 Maytag single (Mod 92)
These are my biggest and smallest engines.
The Wolseley running
Click here for a video of the Wolseley running
(.mpg file ) 1.8 Mbytes

The Maytag running. For the benefit of certain friends
who insist that a Maytag does not run I took the photo without a flash.
Notice the blurred flywheel spokes as well as the oil drips below the muffler :-) Further proof can be obtained by clicking on the link below;
Click here for a video of the Maytag running
(wmv file 1.7 Mbytes)
Jacqui and I with the engines

Adolf and Jacqui with the Wolseley
Jacqui with the Maytag

Adolf & Jacqui with his sons
Wynand (yellow shirt) and Ryno (blue shirt).

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