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Neville Botha's Open Day
Wagon Wheels - 20 November 2004
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      Neville Botha, widely acknowledged as one of South Africa's foremost engine collectors/restorers, held his annual OPEN DAY on Saturday 20th November 2004 at his and wife Lu-ann's beautiful home on the banks of the Klip River in Gauteng Province of South Africa.

        This region of South Africa depends on summer rains and is, at present, in the grip of a drought. Most engine collectors are closely connected to the farming community and realise that our farmers are desperately in need of rain at this time but we were once again blessed with a beautiful sunny day!

       The day was an opportunity to view Neville's collection of "all things old" as well as his extensive collection of vintage engines, tractors, farming equipment, petrolnalia and vehicles both restored and awaiting restoration. Enthusiasts from as far afield as Pretoria, Stilfontein and Kroonstad turned out in force and most brought engines to exhibit.

       The final "headcount" of exhibitors is still not known but has been estimated at between 60 and 90 exhibitors - most of whom brought more than one engine.

       "Bring and Braai" (for the benefit of overseas readers a "braai" is what you call a barbeque) was the order of the day and was supplemented by delicious side dishes prepared by Lu-ann. A good time was had by all.

      Each exhibitor was rewarded with a commemorative beer glass etched with the wagon wheel logo seen on this page and many were seen making good use of these glasses.

    Thank you Neville and Lu-ann.

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