Jerrys Old Engines in South Africa

Sickle bar mower.
2nd March 2009


Update 3rd March 2009 - Identified as a "Jari" mower - manufactured in U.S.A.

It would be appreciated if anyone can identify the make of this sickle bar mower and supply any other information relating to it.

The machine has many modifications made to it by previous owners and bears little resemblance to the original. The "drive mechanism" should provide the biggest clue to it's identity. This consists of a shaft, raised or lowered by means of a lever attached to the handlebars, which has pressed (looks like sheet metal) square "gears" on the ends. When lowered these "gears" make contact and mesh with the ribbed tyres to propel the machine.

There is no engine on the mower but it would have been driven with a small  horizontal shaft air cooled motor like a Briggs or Villiers of probably about 3 H.P.

The original paint left on the machine is orange or it could be faded light red.

Any information would be greatly appreciated. Also information regarding any 'forums" or "groups" dealing with these.

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Sickle bar mower

The drive mechanism.

Closer view

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